Deck Logs from National Archives

Significant events:
January, 1944

1 Jan Moored at Naval Repair Base, San Diego. Underway.
2-4 Jan Landing execises at San Clemente Island.
5 Jan Returned to San Diego.
11 Jan Embarked troops.
13 Jan Underway.
21 Jan Anchored in Lahaina Roads, Maui, T.H. Refueled. Two war correspondents came aboard.
22 Jan Underway for Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands.
31 Jan Arrived Kwajalein. Transferred troops to LSTs.

February, 1944

1 Feb Landed Marines and equipment on Roi Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands.
2,3 Feb Discharged cargo to beach, rcvd casualties and one prisoner. Transferred wounded to USS Solace.
4 Feb Reembarked troops. Reloaded supplies & equipment
8 Feb Underway enroute Kahului Harbor, Maui .
16 Feb Moored at Kahului, discharged troops and cargo.
17 Feb Underway for Pearl Harbor, moored at buoys.
19 Feb Moved to berth B-23 at Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor.
25 Feb All hands left ship for fumigation (of ship).
26 Feb Moved to berth X-6, East Lock, Pearl Harbor.
28 Feb 54 Officers & 118 enlisted men of VB-18 & VT-18 came aboard for transportation. Underway.
29 Feb Docked Pier 2, Hilo. Passengers left. Loading Marine stores and equipment.

March, 1944

1-31 Mar Underway from Hilo for training exercises at  Maalaea Bay, Maui, T.H.
5 Mar Marine Pvt. had amputation of four toes while climbing from boat to net.

April, 1944

1 Apr Entered Pearl Harbor, moored to buoys.
3 Apr Moved to dock for yard repairs.
13 Apr Moved to pier #1 Kahului, Maui.
14 Apr Embarked troops of Fourth Div. U.S. Marines
15-18 Apr Landing exercises on Maui.
19 Apr Returned to Kahului, began loading epmnt & ammo.
21-25 Apr Landing exercises in Maalaea Bay, Maui.
27 Apr Returned to mooring at buoys in Pearl Harbor.

May, 1944

1 May Remaining moored to buoys at Pearl Harbor.
8 May Moved to Hilo Bay, rcvng Marines and equipment.
10 May All troops aboard. Underway to Honolulu Harbor.
12 May Embarked Army troops and USN passengers
14 May Underway for training at Maui.
20 May Returned to Pearl Harbor.
30 May Underway enroute Eniwetok.

June, 1944

4 Jun Underway to Eniwetok , passed dateline westbound.
9 Jun Arrived Eniwetok, refueled 10 Jun, underway 11 Jun.
15 Jun Arrived Saipan, lowered away boats. Dispatched priority cargo as needed. Night retirement.
16 Jun Continued discharging of cargo. Rcvd 245 casualties. Performed 15 burials at sea. PhM1c Ryan and S1c Wilder killed in action ashore.
17 Jun Underway. Additional burials.
18 Jun Refueled underway from USS Schuykill AO-76.
20 Jun Returned to anchorage in Transport Area, Saipan. Debarked remaining troops. Discharging USMC cargo, completed at 2327.
21 Jun Underway from Saipan, leaving 25 boats, 4 officers, and 81 enlisted men. Burial for one Marine.
24 Jun Anchored at Eniwetok.
25 Jun rcvd 176 casualties from USS Harris, USS Heywood, USS Winged Arrow. Tranferred 46 slightly wounded to Harris
26 Jun Underway enroute Pearl Harbor; passed dateline 6/29

July, 1944

1 Jul Underway enroute Pearl Harbor.
3 Jul Docked at Pearl Harbor. Refueled. Loaded supplies. Transferred 460 casualties and 1 prisoner to hospitals.
   Crews of 25 boats left at Saipan returned.
4-7 Jul Loading supplies and stores. Embarked troops.
9 Jul Underway enroute Eniwetok.
15 Jul Passed international dateline westbound.
17 Jul Anchored at Eniwetok, refueled.
18 Jul Underway enroute Guam.
22 Jul Lying to in southern Transport Area Guam.
23 Jul Debarked Army troops into the White beaches. Discharged priority cargo and equipment to beach.
24-27 Unloaded cargo as boats became available.
28 Jul Hoisted boats. Provided fuel & supplies to small ships. Departed Guam enroute Eniwetok.

August, 1944

1 Aug Arrived Eniwetok.Supplied APD w/ fuel,water,supplies. Underway enroute Pearl Harbor.
5 Aug Passed international dateline, eastbound.
8-9 Aug Towed USS Dickerson APD-21 during breakdown.
10 Aug Entered Pearl Harbor, moored at buoy.
19 Aug Moved to berth at dock.
25,26 Aug Taking troops aboard.
28-30 Aug Loading Army cargo.
29 Aug Commander Mockrish, C.O. transferred to hospital.
30 Aug Commander Guthrie USN(ret.) reported for duty as Commanding Officer.
31 Aug CO’s inspection. Loaded troops of 96th Infantry div.

September, 1944

1-6 Sep Left Pearl Harbor for landing exercises on Maui. Also performed tactical and anti-aircraft exercises.
7 Sep Docked at Pearl Harbor. Loading Army equipment.
15 Sep Underway enroute Eniwetok.
25 Sep Anchored at Eniwetok. Refueled.
27 Sep LCVP #18 sank after colliding with LCVP #22.
28 Sep Underway enroute Manus.

October, 1944

1 Oct Underway enroute Manus – arrived 3 Oct.
14 Oct Left Manus, proceeding to Leyte Gulf assault.
20 Oct Passed through Surigao Strait to Leyte anchorage. Landed first waves at 1000; general unloading.
    USS Honolulu hit by aerial torpedo. Continued unloading. Rcvd casualties, including 5 Filipinos
21 Oct Discharging Army cargo, beach party on Orange Beach. Baby born and christened. Unloading, Rcvd Army & C.B. casualties.
    Civilians to beach
22 Oct Completed unloading. Provided water & fuel to smaller ships. Underway from Leyte, leaving shore party.
27 Oct Arrived Humboldt Bay, New Guinea. Commander Guthrie relieved by Captain Wiedorn, USN as C.O.
28 Oct Casualties transferred to Army hospital. Refueled.
29 Oct Beach party returned to ship.
31 Oct Rcvd 7 new LCVPs, completing boat complement.

November, 1944

1 Nov Anchored at Humboldt Bay, New Guinea.
5 Nov Four Bronze Star Medals and three Navy & Marine Corps Medal ribbons awarded to crewmen. Departed Humboldt Bay enroute Noemfoor.
7-13 Nov Loaded 58th Fighter Group & equip. at Noemfoor.
14 Nov Underway enroute Leyte reinforcement.
18 Nov Arrived Leyte, unloaded , and departed.
24 Nov Anchored at Manus, refueled.
28 Nov Underway enroute Torokina via Finschafen.

December, 1944

1 Dec Entered Empress Augusta Bay, Bouganville. Man overboard, recovered unhurt. Embarked Army troops.
2,3 Dec Embarked additional troops, loaded cargo.
5 Dec Marine Band aboard for smoker.
12-14 Dec Embarked troops and cargo.
16 Dec Underway enroute Huon Gulf, New Guinea.
18 Dec Landing exercises, New Guinea.
19 Dec Underway enroute Manus, Admiralty Islands.
21-26 Dec Anchored in Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island.
27 Dec Prepared to enter drydock.
28,29 Dec Secured in floating drydock ABSD-4 for maintenance of hull.
31 Dec Departed Manus with Task Group 79.3