Deck Logs from National Archives

Significant events:
July, 1943

31 July Commissioning at Moore Drydock Co. Oakland, California

August, 1943

31 Aug Underway first time, passed under Bay Bridge. Moored in San Francisco.

September, 1943

1 Sep underway for degaussing and compass compensation
2 Sep official photos of ship, loading ammunition
4,5 Sep underway for calibration of radio direction finder
7 Sep underway for shakedown, under Golden Gate Bridge
8 Sep structural test firing of weapons, arrived San Diego
12-20 Sep exercises w/ USS Pierce. Target practice, exercises off Coronado. Returned to San Diego, Broadway Pier. Loaded cargo and stores.
24 Sep Underway for San Francisco.
26-30 Sep San Francisco, Fort Mason. Unloaded cargo and loaded ammunition, supplies, troops and passengers.

October, 1943

1 Oct underway for South Pacific, steaming independently.
9 Oct crossed the equator, southbound.
15 Oct crossed the international dateline, westbound. Joined by USS Shaw as escort screen.
18 Oct arrived Noumea Harbor, New Caledonia. Troops left the ship, cargo was unloaded.
21 Oct underway, steaming independently.
25 Oct arrived Wellington, New Zealand.
26-29 Oct refueled, loaded troops and cargo.
30,31 Oct moved to anchorage – held boat operations.

November, 1943

1 Nov underway from Wellington, New Zealand
7 Nov rehearsal landings, Efate Island, New Hebrides
13 Nov underway with USS Maryland and other ships
14 Nov changed clocks for international dateline, eastbound
19 Nov crossed equator, northbound
20 Nov arrived Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands. Began assault.
21-23 Nov Landed Marines and cargo at Tarawa, received  casualties, conducted burials at sea.
24 Nov reembarked troops and departed Tarawa. Beach party and eight boat crews were unable to return to ship.

December, 1943

2 Dec entered Pearl Harbor, Oahu, T.H.
4 Dec departed Pearl Harbor, moved to Hilo Bay, Hawaii
6 Dec departed Hilo with USS Biddle and other ships
8 Dec heavy pounding in head sea, radar antenna damaged
13 Dec arrived San Diego
14 Dec received boat crews and 16 landing craft
15-31 Dec period of training and leave at San Diego and Coronado area.
19 Dec Two officers and 26 men left at Tarawa returned.
24 Dec Beach party from USS Custer reported for duty.